Bobbing for Apfel

Sep 04, 2011
There’s been a big docu-fashion shaped hole in everybody’s heart since The September Issue, even if they didn’t realise it. Said hole is about to be filled! If you thought Grace Coddington was the last amongst of that glorious race of whacky fashion bitches to which belonged the likes of Diana Vreeland and the Big and Little Edies of Grey Gardens then you’re totes erroneous because in recent years everyone’s been flocking to the throne of the Big Apfel (soz!).
Now 90, she’s gained heightened attention and it seems no one can resist a big slice of Apfel pie as she and her wardrobe have been documented by bloggers, editors and photographers as well an exhibition at the MET dedicated to her. What makes this a potentially epic documentary though is who’s filming it which is Albert Maysles of Grey Gardens.  Whilst it might not hold the same weight as Jackie O’s cousins parading about in makeshift clothes in a racoon infested house, bursting into song and dance just about once every thirty seconds, Mrs Iris Apfel certainly has ample character to give this project sufficient legs and sufficient lolz.

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